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In 1896, Frank Ekberg retired his Tacoma policeman's uniform and opened the Frank Ekberg & Company Insurance Agency. Six years later, W.P. Hopping & Company was founded. The two agencies would merge nearly eight decades later.

Our founders believed in service with integrity. Their number one commitment was serving the needs of their customers.

Today, we still practice that philosophy. That's why we pride ourselves in offering quality service, professional expertise, and a complete line of products designed to serve your every need - whether it be auto, home, boat, life, disability, estate planning, employee benefits or business insurance.

Life has changed since 1896. Henry Ford introduced his first automobile in that same year. The Wright Brothers made their historic flight in 1903. Television made its debut in the 1950's. And Neil Armstrong took man's first steps on the moon in 1969. IBM introduced the original personal computer in 1981. Ten years later the world wide web was introduced and changed how the world works and plays. And today, you can't imagine life without a cell phone.

Today, we are the oldest family owned insurance agency in Tacoma. Time has changed America's lifestyles, but our business philosophy will always be the same: service with integrity. That was our pledge in 1896 and that's our pledge today.