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Shawn McClain's Profile and Contact Information

Shawn McClain
Click here to contact Shawn McClain Senior Administrator, Commercial Lines
Pilkey-Hopping & Ekberg, Inc.
Office Number (253) 756-2000
Direct Number (253) 284-9356
Fax Number (253) 756-5336
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Tacoma native, Shawn has been with Pilkey-Hopping & Ekberg since 2004. Shawn McClain has been in the insurance industry the past 30+ years. This vivacious single mom is a very proud parent of two: Patrick and Sierra. Shawn is the middle-child of her family, sandwiched between two sisters and three brothers. Shawn favorite things in life: New England Patriots (picked as a child because of their helmet design); jigsaw and crossword puzzles; giraffes (check out her desk if you come into the office), and anything Irish (especially Shamrocks). In 2008, Shawn traveled to Ireland where she had lots of fun finding  other McClains & seeing her heritage. If Shawn was not in insurance, her career choice would be a pharmacist. Some day when she retires, a waterfront property some place nice and peaceful is on the top of her list besides winning the lottery of course.